BRAAS Robotics: Your partner in collaborative robots

BRAAS has over 50 years of experience helping customers solve factory floor automation challenges. We launched BRAAS Robotics to serve an un-met need in the market: providing customers with engineering support and turn-key solutions using collaborative robots. While collaborative robots such as Universal Robots are a fairly new technology, all the skills, tools and 3rd party devices needed to deploy one successfully are identical to the work we’ve done for 50+ years. There are lots of system integrators that deploy robots, however, we have found the simplicity of many of our customer’s applications made the projects too small for larger firms.

BRAAS Robotics exists to bring collaborative robot automation to your factory floor and help you compete. We target smaller, single robot applications, and help first time robot users get their first system up and running. Customers often use our team for their first project, then adopt what they learn to launch additional solutions on their own (we like when they borrow our ideas – it’s that “teach a man to fish” thing).

Why Choose BRAAS Robotics?

We have the experience, knowledge and resources to make your project a success. Part of that is the knowledge of what makes a good project. Our engineers have deployed thousands of robots, and can guide you in selecting applications or approaches that are more likely to succeed. We want your project to be a shining success so you come back looking for more applications.

Fast ROI

Economical systems and lean design help keep typical ROI under 9 months.

Easy to Use

Graphical Programming makes robotics accessible for first time users.

Redeploy in Minutes

Limited guarding and simple interface allow fast redeployment of robots.


Our engineers are an extension of your team and are truly invested in your success and learning. We provide a range of services for your robot project, all aimed at achieving one goal: your success.

Services include Proof of Concept, Site Surveys Programming, Tooling design, Training, Safety Evaluations, Post Sales Support and more.


Most turn-key project are installed and running in less than a day.  We’ll be sure you are clear about what’s needed on your end of the project, and our team will show up, on-time and prepared to work to get your project up and running (fast).


We offer a variety of informational seminars and advanced programming classes in robotics. Whether you’re a first time user or experienced programmer, we can help sharpen your skills in the robotics arena.

Our training calendar is updated regularly. Check out the Robotic Training Classes.

We’re ready to get started. Are you?