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Robotics Training Classes from BRAAS Company

BRAAS Robotics Training classes offer something for everyone from beginner to advanced. From courses geared toward first-time users of Universal Robots to seminars which encourage attendees to bring their own projects to discuss, we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your needs.

Robotics training classes are conducted by trained, certified instructors with specific expertise in robotics. Classes are available at several locations throughout the year, and some locations offer day or evening classes for your convenience.

Read our class descriptions below and visit to find a class at a location near you.

Robotics 201 (RC7 or RC8)

CLASS DESCRIPTION: This class teaches the instruction/programming of Denso’s robot controller (alternating RC7 and RC8 classes).
TOPICS: Hardware Overview, Controller Configuration, Jogging/Teaching Points, Programming using a Teach Pendant, I/O Interface, Programming Software Overview, Calibration, Program Upload/Download
COST: $200

Robotics 202 (RC7 or RC8)

CLASS DESCRIPTION: This hands-on class teaches advanced instruction/programming of Denso’s robot controller using the WinCapsII programming software (alternating RC7 and RC8 classes).
TOPICS: Program Development, Monitoring, The Panel Builder Feature, Multi-Tasking, Error Handling
COST: $200

MiR100 Seminar

CLASS DESCRIPTION: The MiR100 is a user-friendly and efficient mobile robot for automation of in-house transport and logistics solutions. Anyone can easily program the MiR100 through its user-friendly software or by importing 3D drawings of the building layout. Built-in sensors and cameras enable the MiR100 to be used safely in a dynamic environment. The onboard computer stops, starts and reroutes the MiR100.
KEY FEATURES: Simple operation via smartphone, tablet or PC; Pre-programmed maps eliminate the need for track/tape; Avoids dynamic obstacles and alters routes quickly as necessary by using scanners, a 3D camera and ultrasound; Adheres to ISO EN 15.25 safety standards
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Engineering, Production Management
COST: $200

Universal Robot Programming

CLASS DESCRIPTION: This course is geared toward first-time users of Universal Robots using CB3 controller with Polyscope software version 3.x.xxxxx. This is a hands-on session that will cover the key programming skills required for implementing Universal Robots in factory automation applications. All Basic, Advanced and Wizard functions will be covered during this course.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Engineering, Maintenance, Machine Operators
TOPICS: Move Commands, Wait Commands, I/O Control, Program flow commands (looping, if-then-else, etc), Force Control, Wizard Functions (Palletizing, Stacking, De-stacking), Pendant & HMI Commands
COST: $150

Universal Robot Seminar

CLASS DESCRIPTION: This seminar provides an opportunity to explore the capabilities, programming environment, and applications possible with Universal Robots. This hands on session is a must for anyone considering robotic applications. Classes are kept to a minimum of students to optimize instructor and robot access.
Universal Robots is a ground breaking technology that expands automation possibilities for advanced as well as first time users. The powerful yet easy to use interface greatly eases the programming requirement for robotic applications. In some cases these robots can be installed without enclosures, further reducing integration time and costs, and easing their flexibility and re-deployment.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: CEOs, Plant Managers, Engineers, Managers, Operators, Maintenance Staff, HR
TOPICS: Application capabilities, Programming requirements, Mechanical and Controls Integration
NOTES: Application dicussions are welcome, please feel free to bring drawings or parts to discuss your requirements.

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